F&P: Long-term partnership lifts the level of business


"Sentia is not only good at raw operations but also a skilled consultant. With their Sentia cloud infrastructure for our EDI system, we have improved security as well as performance and economy. Furthermore, we have experienced a significant lift
of service level."

- Peder Herbo, Head of IT


Secure management of transactions for billions of kroner

As the industry association, F&P is responsible for the exchange of vital data between banks, pension and insurance companies. The systems are audited demanding high levels of security. The choice of Sentia as provider was therefore a part of a well-planned strategy:

"We aim to gather all our solutions with fewer providers and we want to be the big fish in the pond rather the opposite. At the same time, we emphasize closeness, flexibility and fast response - and that is what Sentia provides," explains Peder.


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