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Take the lead in innovation and data protection

Within education, healthcare, and non-profit organisations, budgets are tighter than ever, and expectations are constantly rising. Make sure your processes and underlying technology are aligned by transforming your IT with a cost-efficient, scalable, and secure environment.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Infrastructure you can build on

Quickly adapt to market movements and customer needs.svg

Quickly adapt to market movements and customer needs

Guarantee performance during peaks.svg

Guarantee performance during peaks

Scale and grow to stay ahead of competitors.svg

Scale and grow to stay ahead of competitors

Fuel growth with data-driven decisions

Scale and grow to stay ahead of competitors.svg

Assemble all customer and operational data in one platform

Get a clear overview of your data flows.svg

Get a clear overview of your organisation’s performance

Managed Security & Compliance.svg

Drive better decision making with meaningful business insights

Keep up with regulations to ensure compliance

Get a clear overview of your data flows.svg

Get a clear overview of your data flows

Improve compliance by adopting 
secure storage.svg

Improve compliance by adopting secure storage

Have continuous reporting and monitoring.svg

Have continuous reporting and monitoring

Solutions that lead the way

Modern Cloud Infrastructure.svg

Managed Public Cloud

Use modern cloud infrastructure that meets industry regulations, safeguards your data, empowers your employees, and allows your business to grow.

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Data Lakes & Data Science.svg

Data Lakes & Data Science

Use our expertise to unlock the data you already have and turn it into actionable intelligence, allowing you to make decisions confidently.

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Managed Application Continuity.svg

Managed Application Continuity

A fully managed application stack to help you maintain performance and optimise uptime - from development platforms all the way up to production.

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Public Cloud Landing Zones.svg

Public Cloud Landing Zones

For total control, guard your development process with public cloud landing zones, where you can safely innovate within internal and external boundaries.

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A clear vision on the road to success

Als toonaangevende managed serviceprovider ontwerpt, bouwt en beheert Sentia cloudservices voor grote leveranciers zoals Microsoft Azure en AWS. Aangevuld met de zekerheid van 24/7 onderhoud en ondersteuning.

Optimaliseer je bedrijf vandaag en geef vorm aan de toekomst.

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Design:Door je IT-landschap in kaart te brengen, adviseren wij de juiste stappen in je digitale transformatie.


Build:Van strategie tot implementatie, wij leiden je transformatie en creëren zo een stevig fundament voor de toekomst.


Manage:Onze experts beheren je cloudoplossing met monitoring en rapportage, 24/7 support en continu zicht op compliance.


A little spark can lead to great things. You just need to know how to ignite it.

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